Are SEO migrations necessary for a website redesign?

SEO Migration Planning for website redesign with Egnetix Digital
SEO migrations are critical in maintaining or improving a website's search engine visibility during a website redesign. It involves implementing a well-thought-out SEO migration strategy to ensure your organic traffic and keyword rankings are well maintained.

Are you thinking of redesigning your website?

Does your website rely on organic search (SEO) to drive in traffic which you turn into revenue for your business?

Would you like to at least maintain your search engine traffic and potentially even grow it during a website redesign?

Then you should be almost certainly considering an SEO migration.


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SEO migrations are critical in maintaining or improving a website’s search engine visibility during a website redesign. It involves implementing a well-thought-out SEO migration strategy to ensure your organic traffic and keyword rankings are well maintained. 


All SEO migrations need to have tailored plans as all websites are different and this will ensure your website is properly managed during the transition. It’s important to understand migrations can be complex plans, involving multiple different steps such as extensive research, planning, execution and monitoring. 


If you’re redesigning your website and SEO is important to your business, protecting your SEO traffic and online visibility is possible and here at Egnetix Digital, we can certainly support across these types of projects.



The importance of website redesign

A website redesign is more than just giving your site a new look, it’s about:

  • Improving user experience
  • Updating content
  • Updating your website sitemap
  • Rebranding
  • Adapting to changing trends and technologies
  • And more…


A redesign can strengthen your online presence by modernising its design, improving functionality, or aligning it with shifting brand objectives. Common website issues can arise such as:


  • High bounce rates
  • Outdated designs
  • Poor mobile responsiveness
  • Slow loading websites 


…are all signs that your website may need redesigned. In addition, if you’re seeing your search engine rankings and traffic decline alongside conversion rates, then redesigning is usually a great first step to revitalising a website to start to encourage the growth of your strategy you’re about to embark on.


Enter SEO migration, an essential component of any website redesign strategy. This process ensures that your website’s visibility on search engines remains constant or improves during the transition. Investing in SEO migration services allows you to keep your current traffic and position your website for growth. 


A successful SEO migration completed by an experienced SEO specialist, with careful planning and execution, can propel your website to new heights, attracting more organic traffic, increasing leads, and ultimately boosting revenue in today’s competitive digital market.


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Signs your website could use a refresh

Spotting when your website needs a transformation is essential to keeping it efficient and current. Here are some signals that suggest a redesign might be necessary.

High bounce rate

If visitors are leaving your website shortly after entering, it indicates a high bounce rate. This may be because your website lacks engagement.

Outdated design

Old-fashioned looks can make your website seem less trustworthy and hurt your first impression.


Not mobile-friendly

Not being mobile-friendly can make your website difficult to use and turn away many potential visitors.


Inconsistent branding

Keeping a consistent brand image and building customer trust on your website is of utmost importance.


Difficult navigation

Complex navigation structures breed user frustration and contribute to elevated exit rates, hindering engagement and conversions.


Declining search engine rankings

A dip in search engine rankings may signal that your website fails to meet contemporary SEO standards, resulting in decreased visibility and traffic.

Poor conversion rates

Ineffective conversion mechanisms prevent your website from converting visitors into customers, impeding your business growth and success.

Competitors surpassing you

To stay on the lookout, you must keep your site updated and ensure that it is better planned and more useful than your competitors’.


To maintain crowd commitment and competitive positioning, it is critical to regularly assess the viability of your site.


There are various factors that might help assess whether a website makeover is required. These measurements can guide you in making informed choices on enhancing user experience, boosting conversions, and staying ahead of competitors.



Understanding SEO Migrations

A website can be moved from one platform or design to another without losing search engine rankings, a process known as SEO migration. It is equivalent to relocating your virtual storefront to a more advantageous location while maintaining search engine optimisation.


It’s a way to keep valuable assets like backlinks, domain authority, and keyword rankings you’ve grown and collected over time safe. It involves updating your online presence while preserving your reputation and visibility on the internet. 


With careful SEO migration planning, you can switch to a new design or platform without losing your search engine ranking. This keeps you successful in the ever-changing digital market.



Benefits of SEO Migrations


There are many advantages to hiring SEO migration services when redesigning a website. Sustaining or enhancing your search engine visibility can boost leads and conversions, draw in organic traffic, and spur revenue growth. A carefully thought-out migration can also enhance user satisfaction and boost the online reputation of your company.


Here are six compelling benefits of integrating SEO migration services into your website redesign strategy:

Maintain or improve search engine visibility

A meticulously executed SEO migration strategy ensures that your website’s visibility in search engine results remains steady or sees improvement. This heightened visibility translates to increased organic traffic and enhanced opportunities for lead generation and conversions.

Fresh start for SEO

Moving your website to a new platform can refresh your SEO plan. It lets you rebuild it completely and take advantage of new trends and optimisation methods.

Improved rankings and visibility

With a well-crafted SEO strategy, a website migration can propel your rankings and visibility in search engine results, driving more significant traffic to your site.

Enhanced user experience

Simplifying your website’s layout and menus when you move can improve how people use it. With an easy-to-use design, you can get visitors to check out your site more and keep them coming back, which means more sales.

Stronger brand reputation

A properly done website migration ensures a modern, user-friendly, search engine-optimised website, improving your online reputation. Consistency and relevance online build trust with your audience and enhance your brand’s credibility.

Preservation of backlinks

Finding and rerouting external links from the old website to the relevant pages on the new website is crucial during the website migration process. This is essential to sustaining a strong link profile and the SEO value of backlinks, both of which are critical to maintaining search engine rankings.


By incorporating SEO migration services into your website redesign strategy, you are making an investment that safeguards your organic traffic, preserves keyword rankings, and potentially enhances your long-term SEO performance. This strategic approach ensures a seamless transition while also preparing your website for sustained growth and success in SEO.


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SEO migration best practices


For a successful SEO migration, plan carefully and execute precisely. Start by thoroughly auditing your current website to find areas to enhance. Next, create a comprehensive migration plan that includes redirect mapping, content optimisation, and vigilant monitoring strategies. Emphasise user experience throughout, ensuring your revamped website is mobile-friendly, fast to load, and easy to navigate.


If you want to be even more reassured, you may want to consider working with an SEO consultancy like Egnetix Digital, who are experienced in planning and implementing such projects.


Here’s a refined checklist of best practices for SEO migration:


Conduct a comprehensive audit

  • Evaluate website structure, content quality, and performance metrics.
  • Identify underperforming pages, outdated content, and technical issues.
  • Analyse keyword rankings, backlink profiles, and overall SEO health.


Develop a detailed migration plan

  • Make a schedule that details important dates and deadlines for every stage of the migration process.
  • Establish the extent of the alterations, encompassing design revisions, reorganising content, and technical adjustments.
  • Assign tasks and duties to team members who are taking part in the migration process.


Prioritise user experience

  • Make sure your website design works well on mobile devices so it functions smoothly no matter what device people use.
  • Make your site faster by compressing images, limiting HTTP requests, and storing data in browsers.
  • Enhance navigation to simplify finding information and improve user experience.


Define SEO migration goal

  • Develop specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound targets (SMART) goals for the migration.
  • Align migration objectives with wider business goals, like increasing organic traffic, enhancing conversion rates, or extending market reach.
  • Establish KPIs to track progress and measure success post-migration.


Update annotations and internal links

  • Review and adjust meta titles, meta descriptions, and header tags to match target keywords and increase click-through rates.
  • Ensure consistency in URL structures and implement 301 redirects for any changed or removed pages to preserve SEO equity.
  • Update internal links across the website to maintain proper navigation and ensure a seamless user experience.


Get support from an SEO professional

  • Seek assistance from an SEO expert to create a personalised migration plan for your website’s unique requirements.
  • Use their knowledge in technical SEO, content optimisation, and performance monitoring to minimise risks and maximise results.
  • Stay informed about industry best practices and emerging trends to stay ahead of algorithm updates and search engine ranking factors changes.


You can confidently handle the challenges of SEO migration by carefully adhering to this extensive checklist, and you’ll be able to make a smooth shift that improves your website’s user experience, search engine exposure, and overall performance.



Common SEO migration mistakes to avoid

Deciding to revamp your website goes beyond appearance. It’s a strategic step to enhance user interaction and stay relevant online. An essential aspect of this update is SEO migration, keeping your site visible in search results.


As you begin to revamp your website, it is critical to understand the SEO migration pitfalls to avoid a successful transition. Knowing these hazards is critical to success.


  1. Improper redirects. Failing to implement proper redirects can fracture your site’s structure, resulting in broken links and a loss of valuable traffic.
  2. Neglecting metadata. Overlooking updates to metadata can diminish your site’s visibility in search engine results, impacting its discoverability.
  3. Ignoring mobile optimisation. Disregarding mobile optimisation can detract from user experience and decrease your search engine rankings in a mobile-focused world.
  4. Not monitoring performance post-migration. Neglecting to monitor your site’s performance post-migration can mean missing chances to optimise and enhance it, holding back your site’s potential growth.
  5. Poor planning. Lack of proper planning or foresight can lead to unexpected issues during migration, causing disruptions and delays to your website’s functionality and visibility.
  6. Unnecessary content changes. Making unnecessary alterations to your site’s content can disrupt keyword focus and relevancy, diminishing keyword rankings and organic traffic.
  7. Broken internal links. Modifying URLs or content without setting up correct redirects can break internal links, messing up the user experience and hurting your site’s SEO.


To ensure a smooth migration that maintains or improves your site’s search engine visibility, elevates user experience, and strengthens your brand’s online presence, avoid common mistakes and seek assistance from experienced professionals specialising in SEO migration services.



Measuring the Success of SEO Migration

Tracking critical stats like organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversion rates is important to measure the impact of your SEO migration.


Utilise tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and an All in one SEO tool, like Serpstat or Ahrefs to monitor how your website is performing before and after the redesign. Examine new trends, pinpoint areas for enhancement, and implement changes to optimise your migration efforts.



Making informed decisions

Redesigning a website does require SEO migration. Recognising the importance of website redesign, identifying signs that your website needs an update, and following SEO migration best practices ensures a smooth transfer and reaps the benefits of an enhanced online presence.


Pay attention to the importance of spending money on SEO migration services, it can hold the key to maximising the potential of your website in the online market.


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