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Small businesses and SME’s can hugely benefit from SEO services however their business challenges are usually completely different to those of larger businesses. Your larger businesses benefit from significantly more marketing budget and resources to be able to deliver results that will benefit their business. 

Small businesses and SME’s may not have such luxuries and resources to deliver marketing results, so it’s important that when they look to start with SEO it is really about quality over quantity. You want to be working with an SEO specialist that:

  • Understands what can help a small business or SME move their SEO forward with smaller budgets 
  • Understands how to get the most out of your investment
  • Understands the type of SEO that needs implementing 


SEO truly is a specialist marketing channel and if you’re to invest in it as a small business or SME it’s important you work with an SEO agency or freelancer who understands how to deliver results using proven techniques that move the needle with every move. 

At Egnetix Digital we believe in delivering SEO services to small businesses or SME’s whereby we can also help educate you in the process. It really is all up to you! We understand SEO can be new to a lot of small businesses and so the process of helping to educate clients on what is being delivered, helps also build your knowledge as to the perks of SEO. While we deliver you a first-class SEO strategy, we’ll be able to educate you constantly through the process, so you know exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Discover Egnetix Digital.

Contact us to find out what we can do for you today.


Egnetix Digital are a Freelance SEO expert business that supports businesses of all sizes and advertising agencies with their SEO requirements.


We offer a range of SEO services to small business and SME’s which include:

  • SEO Strategy
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation
  • Link and Authority Building
  • WordPress Consulting
  • SEO training
  • Google Analytics Setup and Maintenance
  • And more…

Working with Egnetix Digital you benefit from 9+ years of marketing experience, so our SEO expertise goes far beyond SEO when giving you a full digital marketing expert to work with and rely on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Small businesses should certainly be adopting and prioritising SEO as a marketing channel. As executed correctly, it will likely form the best converting marketing channel for your business.


Imagine, having a marketing channel that grabs your customers while they’re in market for that product, service or simply information and you’re the answer they’re looking for. As a small business this can be extremely positive to your business helping you to grow nationally and globally.

Egnetix Digital has a wealth of experience supporting businesses or all sizes. Positively, one of the aspects that benefits small businesses the most is our ability to use our wealth of experience, knowledge and know-how established across the past 10 years working with global and national businesses and applying the best aspects for small businesses so we can help move the needle for you.


There are several benefits of working with an SEO consultant like Egnetix Digital and these include:


  • 10+ years experience in marketing
  • Worked with global brands and national brands of all shapes and sizes
  • Delivery of a full SEO strategy that can be fully executed
  • Deliver exceptional client servicing
  • Become an extension of your team, working with all key personnel

Egnetix Digital has years worth of experience working with small, medium and large businesses. As a small, medium or large business we’ll be able to work directly with you creating a bespoke strategy for you SEO but also processes that works perfectly for you to be taken along the journey with us as we work to improve your SEO.

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Have a freelancer SEO expert let you know what an SEO strategy would look like for your business to drive growth!