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Maximise your online impact with our bespoke SEO consultancy, specifically designed for B2B businesses.

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Custom SEO for B2B Companies

Developing SEO plans specifically designed for companies aiming to engage with other businesses. We guarantee enhanced visibility and lead acquisition in your specific market.

Analytics-Driven Strategies

Leveraging the latest industry data and analytics tools to meet your B2B objectives. Our commitment to data ensures a significant ROI for your business.

Why work with us?

Discover how our extensive industry knowledge and specialised skills enable us to grasp the distinct challenges and possibilities across businesses that specialise in B2B.

Precision Targeting Techniques

Harnessing advanced SEO methodologies to pinpoint and engage your ideal B2B clientele effectively.

Competitive Edge Analytics

Utilising deep analytics to carve out a competitive advantage in your industry’s digital space.

Lead Generation Focus

Implementing SEO strategies specifically designed to increase qualified lead generation for B2B markets.

Long-Term Growth Planning

Strategising beyond immediate gains, focusing on sustainable SEO practices for ongoing B2B growth.

B2B SEO with Egnetix Digital’s Expertise

Choosing Egnetix Digital for your B2B SEO strategy grants you access to bespoke solutions engineered for impactful outcomes. As seasoned experts you’ll be able to leverage extensive industry experience and a nuanced understanding of B2B SEO dynamics to design strategies that deliver real, measurable success in the fiercely competitive B2B sector.


Benefit from the unmatched efficacy of our specialised B2B SEO services. Utilising our profound expertise and deep-seated industry knowledge, we enhance your brand’s online visibility and authority, guiding highly targeted traffic and premium leads directly to your platform. Through clear, ongoing communication, we provide you with regular insights into your campaign’s performance, demonstrating the significant influence our work has on your business’s growth and lead generation capabilities.

More of our services

Google Analytics​

Comprehensive Google Analytics setup and assistance, ensuring precise data tracking and insightful analytics for informed strategy-making, boosting your online presence for maximum effectiveness and business growth.

SEO Website Migration

Smooth SEO website migration, designed to preserve your search rankings and traffic, thereby supporting consistent site performance and steady online growth.

Local SEO

We focus on local SEO services, carefully adjusting your online presence to effectively reach and resonate with local audiences, thus boosting visibility and fostering regional business expansion.

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B2B SEO services involve strategic optimisation efforts tailored for businesses that market to other businesses, enhancing online visibility and lead generation through search engines. With us having 10+ years of experience at Egnetix Digital, we have a vast amount of experience delivering key SEO actions for businesses who focus on the B2B sector.

B2B SEO focuses on longer sales cycles, niche targeting, and content that appeals to decision-makers within businesses, unlike B2C SEO, which targets direct consumers with quicker and shorter purchase decisions.

SEO is crucial for B2B companies to improve online visibility, attract high-quality leads, and establish authority in their industry, ultimately influencing the purchasing decisions of other businesses. Should you be a business focusing on B2B, we’ll be able to work with you to ensure your business is well positioned for you to benefit from your target audience finding you more often.

We certainly can. Egnetix Digital customises SEO strategies to fit the unique needs and challenges of your specific industry, leveraging deep market insights for maximum impact. Our experience has seen us work with B2B businesses in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Medical Devices
  • Commercial Landscape
  • Charity
  • Interior Design
  • Animation Marketing
  • Industry Chemical Distribution
  • And more…

We believe in transparent communication, providing regular, detailed reports and insights into your campaign’s performance and strategic adjustments. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re getting the reporting and statistics you need to be seeing on a regular basis. Alongside offering SEO services we also focus on Google Analytics Consultancy Services which also enables us to support with the implementation of custom tags.

Our content strategies are designed to align with your business objectives, brand and messaging, while combining our expertise and understanding of what we know ranks well in the right content structures. When we start content strategies we very much advocate for authoritative, informative content that addresses the pain points and questions of business decision-makers, helping to nurture leads through the sales funnel.

When it comes to our SEO campaigns, we emphasise that success is gauged through mutually agreed-upon key performance indicators. Recognising the unique structure and operation of every business, we delve deep into understanding your specific needs. Together, we’ll identify and set KPIs tailored to your business, ensuring they serve as effective benchmarks for tracking progress and success, both immediately and over time.

From the moment we start working together we not just become your SEO consultancy, we become an extension of your business. That means we look to collaborate with you so you can stand out to your target audience. This includes understanding your market and competitors so we can deliver a better strategy than your competitors.

Yes, we specialise in crafting international SEO strategies that cater to the global market, taking into account localisation and cultural nuances. We’re extremely experienced in catering for international B2B SEO strategies, ensuring your strategy is focused on delivering the growth you require.

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