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Moses Alausa, Egnetix Digital

“Having worked with Moses on several SEO projects, I’ve found that he is extremely hard-working and dedicated to his clients. As well as possessing a great knowledge of how Google works, he is continuously on the pulse of new developments. Moses is very communicative and has the ability to simplify complex technical ideas clearly and consisely. I’d highly recommend Moses for SEO management.”

An Knowledgeable SEO Specialist

As an SEO consultant, my unwavering commitment is to pioneer SEO innovation and optimise outcomes for every client, ensuring their online success soars to new heights.

10+ years experience

Working with me, you’re not just working with an SEO consultant, you’re working with a marketing consultant who has 10+ years of online digital marketing experience, delivering for some of the largest UK national and global brands.

Global and UK brands

I’ve collaborated with prestigious UK national and global brands, applying my SEO expertise to drive digital success. Working closely, I’ve consistently delivered tailored SEO strategies, significantly improving online visibility and organic search rankings.

3+ years consulting

With over 3 years of experience in SEO consulting, I’ve consistently delivered success for clients. I specialise in building comprehensive SEO strategies from inception to execution, consistently achieving positive results for businesses. My track record speaks to my ability to navigate the dynamic world of SEO and drive organic growth for my clients.

First class client servicing

I pride myself on delivering first-class client servicing to every client I work with. Throughout my career, I’ve been committed to providing game-changing client servicing that goes above and beyond expectations. I believe that exceptional client servicing is the cornerstone of successful partnerships, and I’m dedicated to ensuring that every client receives the highest level of attention and support.

My SEO Success

160% YoY increase in Position 1 rankings

Working with one of the largest automotive sport car brands globally, I managed to deliver a tailored SEO strategy that delivered a YoY improvement of 160% increase in position 1 rankings.

108% YoY increase in traffic

Working with an established UK eye research charity. I managed to deliver them a YoY increase across traffic of 108%. Focusing purely across content and improving their authority we managed to find exceptional gains placing more eyes on the causes they’re fighting for.

Best traffic driving page for a national UK cancer charity

Having worked with one of the largest national charities in the UK, working closely with their individual teams, I recommended a rather untapped opportunity for them across content they could capitalise on. This particular topic of content catered to a single page is now their number 1 traffic driving page. It delivers approximately 40,000+ sessions on a monthly basis.

184% YoY increase in organic traffic

Working with an animation agency looking to become more of an established brand, they tasked me with helping them grow their organic traffic ensuring potential clients could find them online through searches based on their services and what they’re known for. Creating a tailored SEO strategy focusing on all of the key SEO pillars, we’ve managed to drive them successful YoY growth.

They believe in us

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