Why invest in SEO migration services for your website’s health?

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Explore key SEO hurdles for small businesses and effective strategies to tackle them for improved online visibility.

Why invest in SEO migration services for your website’s health?


Nothing stops the excitement of launching a newly revamped website than your search engine rankings, traffic, and conversions plummeting not long after you hit publish. Of course, this isn’t what you set out to do but is often caused by a lack of SEO knowledge or experience migrating a website.

What many web developers fail to consider when revamping a website is how search engines like Google will react, and how the migration will impact current organic visibility.

Migrating a website for SEO isn’t something that can be quickly done. In fact, it takes careful planning and monitoring to ensure that your new website maintains and builds as much organic traffic as possible.



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Why should you consider SEO migration when redesigning your website?

The purpose of SEO migration services is to prevent loss of your website’s search engine rankings, traffic, and conversions. By utilising SEO migration services, you should maintain your rankings and improve your site’s performance.


What are the key benefits of investing in SEO migration services?

Website migrations can cause some confusion with search engines, especially if you’ve changed your URL, as they can see them as totally new websites. This can have a huge impact on your website’s search visibility especially if SEO isn’t considered and this is why SEO migration services are so important.

SEO migration services allow you to revamp your website without compromising on your SEO efforts, but that’s not all, it can help to enhance your site structure, improve your user experience, and reduce downtime risks too.

Let’s have a look below:


Preserves Organic Traffic

An important part of SEO is driving organic traffic to your website. Unfortunately, during a website migration, you can unintentionally confuse how search engines index and crawl your website, leading to a loss of organic traffic, visibility, and revenue. 

Proper SEO migration ensures that the traffic you’ve worked hard to build doesn’t suffer when you make changes to your site, such as a redesign or platform shift, as it ensures that all the necessary steps are carried out and completed prior to your new website going live. That includes pre-migration auditing and planning, development and testing, go-live and post-launch analysis, post-launch adjustments as well as benchmarking and continuous improvements. 


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Maintains Search Rankings

Changing your site means that search engines have to crawl and index it all over again, and this can result in a dip to your search engine rankings until it understands your website’s true value. Although there are many factors that determine where you rank on Google, it all comes down to trust. The more Google trusts your site, the higher they will rank you.

If you are revamping or changing your site completely, it’s important to keep your trust with Google and that’s where SEO migration can help.

By preserving your existing content and its SEO value, prioritising technical SEO, and implementing 301 redirects, it’ll stand you in good stead with Google meaning that your rankings shouldn’t take a hit.

Avoids Broken Links

Links on your site help search engines like Google better find you content. If you have any links that direct to a broken page or URL that no longer exists, you will need to update them to point to their new locations. This is because broken links can affect the flow of link equity on your site, and this can negatively impact your rankings.

A well-planned SEO migration includes fixing or redirecting broken links to ensure that your page stays trusted by search engines and minimises the risk of negatively impacting your ranking.

Secures Page Authority

Page authority is earned through quality content, backlinks, and user engagement. By working with an SEO consultant who can correctly redirect your URLs and maintain your on-page SEO efforts, they can help to preserve your site authority and trust signals with search engines that your pages have built over time.

Enhances Site Structure

A well-structured site vastly increases your chances of ranking high in search engines as it helps Google to understand your site, prevents you from competing with yourself and deals with changes on your website, all of which leads to better indexing and crawling efficiencies by search engines.

SEO migration helps with this by giving you the opportunity to improve your site’s structure during your website revamp so that it’s updated for maximum visibility and accessibility.


Future-proofs Your Website

The digital landscape is changing regularly, and so are SEO trends and algorithms. With proper SEO migration it helps to ensure that your site is optimised for any future SEO needs, making sure that it’s adaptable to new challenges and opportunities.


Improves User Experience

SEO brings organic traffic to your website, while a positive user experience keeps them on your site longer. While they are two different pieces of the puzzle, they both share one same goal: to create websites that speak to what the user is searching for.


When evaluating a website’s performance, search engine algorithms don’t just look at the type of content on your site, they look at how users are engaging with it and that’s incredibly important. 


With SEO migration services, you will get a full audit of your website and any areas for improvement so that this can be improved, and this can help to enhance user engagement and satisfaction – key factors in SEO performance. 


SEO and user experience share a primary objective: to create websites that cater to what the user is searching for. When evaluating a website’s performance, search engine algorithms don’t just look 


Reduces Downtime Risks

When your website goes down it can have a huge impact on how users access your site, and this can negatively impact your SEO efforts. But effective SEO migration can help to minimise this by ensuring that HTTP status codes are implemented so that your SEO efforts aren’t quashed.


Supports Rebranding Efforts

If your business is undergoing a rebranding, SEO migration services ensure that your website aligns with new branding without sacrificing SEO equity. By seamlessly integrating rebranding elements into the migration process, you can maintain consistency and coherence across your digital presence.



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How do you monitor the impact of SEO migration on your website?

Once your new website has been launched, it’s important to evaluate the content and SEO impact of your migration. By monitoring the performance after the SEO migration, it enables you to spot (and resolve) issues early and identify any opportunities for improvement.

This includes monitoring traffic and rankings via analytics tools, crawling your site again to ensure there are no broken links missing pages, or redirect chains that could harm your site’s SEO, fix crawl errors and broken links, and reviewing your content and on-page SEO.



Is investing in SEO migrations worth it?

If a site migration is implemented without thinking about SEO, you can guarantee that you will lose search engine traffic as soon as you hit publish so investing in an SEO migration is vital if you want to keep your SEO credentials. 

Keep all of the above benefits in mind if you are planning to migrate your site and consider investing in SEO website migration services and this will ensure that your migration goes as smoothly as possible! 


Who are Egnetix Digital?

Egnetix Digital is an SEO company based in Kent, boasting over a decade of expertise. We excel in enhancing the online performance of businesses websites through advanced technical SEO services. Our strategic approach is designed to optimise site architecture and on-page elements, ensuring your brand captures and maintains top search engine rankings. If you’re seeking an SEO partner who is adept at navigating the complexities of the digital landscape and can improve your business’s online presence, reach out to Egnetix Digital today.

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